Benefitting Care Net of Central Texas | Begins at Indian Spring Park, and stretches throughout Cameron Park

When and Where is Human Race Waco?

Human Race Waco will take place Saturday, 21st in April with staggered start times. The race begins at the Suspension Bridge in Indian Spring Park and stretches throughout Cameron Park in Waco, Texas.

Wanna Volunteer?

Human Race Waco needs at least 150 volunteers for our race this year. If you or your group are interested in volunteering, please email with your numbers and area of interest.

What is an Adventure Race?

An adventure race is not your average race. It is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines, including orienteering (if an orienteering map is used) and/or navigation (when non-orienteering maps are used), cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing and related rope skills. Human Race Waco will include cross-country running, mountain biking, and paddling in its adventure courses. We will also have special challenges in the race that will challenge you mentally as well as physically. We want this race to be an adventure you will remember, and we change it each year so that you know you will be getting a new adventure each time you run our course.

What are the courses?

5K Fun Run/Walk Course

Whether you are racing for the win or want to enjoy a leisurely stroll through Cameron Park, the 5K Fun Run Course is for you! You can compete in this course as a solo runner or on a team. This is a GREAT course for beginner racers who may not want a full distance trek, but still want to join in the fun of HUMAN RACE WACO!

Road Race (3K paddle, 10K bike on paved road, 5K run)

If you are looking for a racing experience that is challenging and diverse, but doesn’t require much experience, the Road Race Course is right for you. You can compete in this course as a solo racer or as a team. This challenge includes a 3K paddle/10K Road Bike/5K run. We changed the course in 2016! The bike leg will now stretch all the way to Emmons Cliff Circle! More challenging and WAY more fun!!!  Get all the fun and experience of a triathlon without having to get wet!

Trail Race (10K mountain bike, 10K Road to Trail run, 3K paddle, 1K scramble)

DON’T WORRY… there is no sprinting involved, unless you like to run fast, in which case – have at it! You can compete in the Trail Race Course as a solo racer or as a team. This course includes a 10K mountain bike trail/10K Road to Trail run/3K paddle/1K scramble run to the finish line.  We changed the course in 2016! If you are wanting something a little more off the beaten path, you will LOVE the Trail course!

How do I rent a kayak?

When you register for the race online, there is a section for kayak rentals. Waco Paddle Company provides these rentals. A single kayak is $30, a canoe is $35, and a double kayak is $40. If you have your own kayak, feel free to bring that and skip the rental fee!

If you are bringing your own kayak, please arrive at the race no later than 6:45 AM on race morning so that you can make sure your kayak is in place before start time.

What level of trails does each course contain?

• 5K- Flat paved Surfaces

• Road- Paved surfaces with hills

• Trail- Trails will hills

What course does each race follow?

Click on any of the maps to enlarge.


Here’s a closer look at Cameron Park’s trails!

trail maps

What are my team options?

Team Options

When you register, you will be given the option of registering as a solo racer or on one of the team categories. Every solo racer is separated into categories based on age and gender ( i.e., Male, 18+). You may also set up a Team or a Relay. Timing varies with each type of race, so be sure to pay attention to all emails and race instructions.


This is a traditional team as found in most Adventure Races. When your captain creates the team he/she must choose male, female, or coed to describe your team members. We want to see your team spirit. Up the excitement by wearing costumes while you compete!

Relay Team

This category is for any team of 2-3 racers who would like to compete by completing a relay. Teams with 3 racers may compete by assigning one leg of the race to each of their 3 teammates. (i.e.,- racer 1 paddles, racer 2 runs, racer 3 bikes). If you have 2 racers, one person completes two legs (i.e.,- racer 1 paddles, racer 2 runs, racer 1 bikes).  When your captain creates the team he/she must choose male, female, or coed to describe the members of your team. As with all the teams, we want to see your team spirit. Relayers in costumes makes for more colorful photos!

What do I get if I finish? Or completely school the rest of the competition?

We are all here to have fun and be active, so if you participate in Human Race Waco and FINISH…. you will receive one of our stellar finisher medals!  You can keep it forever, and pass it down as a memento from generation to generation… just a suggestion.

If you WIN….. you also get an award medal for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. We know we put on a challenging race, and you deserve a reward for completing it in record time. All teams will also receive award medals in their division (maximum of three awards per team).

What is the Transition Area like?

Picture a nice, peaceful picnic at the park…Now throw in AWESOME bikes, shoes, helmets, and who knows what else, and you have our transition area! Like most things at Human Race Waco, we try to stay away from the traditional ways of doing things, and the T.A. is no different. When you arrive on race morning, you will head to the transition area where you will set up our own T.A. picnic style (blankets not provided). We will assign volunteers to watch your gear once racers are called to the start line. No spectators are allowed in the T.A. at any point to ensure the security of your belongings. There will be a LIMITED number of bike racks available so if you have a really swanky bike that you don’t want lying on the ground…we suggest you get there as close to 7 AM as possible.

Will you be feeding me?

Heck YES!!!! Every racer will receive free FOOD race day!

Can I get disqualified from the race?

As much as we love the words CRAZY, RISKY and DANGEROUS…even we have to draw the line somewhere. We decided it’s best to draw it around your head…SO if you exit the transition area for your bike leg without a helmet on, it will be an AUTOMATIC disqualification. We just want to protect that pretty little head of your’s, so help us out and put your helmet on before starting your bike run.

What do the shirts look like?

Here’s a sample from last year.   New design coming soon!

Race shirts 2016 02

How can I set up a fundraising page?

The goal for the event is to raise $50,000 so Care Net Pregnancy Center can continue offering FREE life-affirming services to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

[1] When you register via Active, you can add the fundraising option.


[2] Raise $300 before April 1, and we will send you a coupon code for a free race registration.

You can download the fundraise page and mail this form to our office before March 31 to Care Net | 800 W. Waco Drive | Waco, TX 76701.

You are welcome to have supporters donate!  Care Net also accepts donations with PayPal.

Where do I pick up my race packet?

Packet Pick-Up will take place on Friday, April 20th from 2p-7p at Care Net, 800 West Waco Dr., Waco, TX 76701.

What are the special challenges?

Trick Question!!! There aren’t any this year!!

What is Care Net of Central Texas?

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas’ mission is to provide compassionate care, practical assistance, and accurate information to women in a crisis pregnancy or considering abortion. To learn more about Care Net’s impact on the Waco community click here

So, what happen to the Dri-Tri?

The Dri-Tri is now called the Road Race.   You are still staying dry and still on the road.  Just keeping the name simple, but you may hear us slip and say “Dri-Tri” occasionally!

What is the Dri-Tri?

Well, the Dri-Tri is the dry triathlon – A Dri-Tri is a Triathlon with a kayak or “paddle leg” substituted for the swim leg.  This is a great race for anyone not yet comfortable with the swim leg of a triathlon. This substitution allows participants to stop paddling in their kayaks or canoes and enjoy the view awhile if they need to rest. Plus, you can avoid the risk of getting kicked in the face or have your swim goggles knocked off – a concern while competing with triathlon swimmers. Those who have raced multiple triathlons might very well enjoy the change of pace and new challenges that a paddle leg brings. Racing in a boat can be every bit as competitive as a swim leg, and even more fun. (Make sure to view the the paddle leg video located on the Videos page. Kayaks can be rented during online registration for Human Race Waco, and will be ready and waiting on site for you to jump in and go.  However, this is an open category, so if you have a super-fast kayak or want to rent one on your own, you are welcome to do that as well.  Don’t wait until race day to line up a kayak, as there are a limited number for rent.

Where can I find my results from previous years?

We know you are trying to beat your score each year, so we have the results from 2016 on the home page.

You can find your 2014 results at