Benefitting Care Net of Central Texas | The Last Weekend in April | Begins at Indian Spring Park, and stretches throughout Cameron Park


The Human Race

Benefitting Care Net of Central Texas

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The Human Race

Saturday, April 25, 2015

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The Human Race

Cameron Park, Waco, Texas

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 Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Adventure Races and Dri-Tri

7:30 AM


8:30 AM

The Wackiest Adventure Race in Texas!!

Human Race Waco  is a different race than you have ever run! And we like it that way. Our goal is to create a race that reaches out to the community, with courses that are a perfect fit for anyone who would like to participate. Always held the last weekend in April, Human Race Waco has everything from parents with young children walking the 5K Fun Run/Walk Course, to die-hard tri-athletes hoping to earn their next medal. All are welcome as long as you come planning to have an excellent time!


Human Race Waco Course Descriptions

5K Fun Run Course

Whether you are racing for the win or want to enjoy a leisurely stroll through Cameron Park, the 5K Fun Run Course is for you! You can compete in this course as a solo runner or on a team. You can also build your own webpage funds for Care Net of Central Texas. This is a GREAT course for beginner racers who may not want a full distance trek, but still want to join in the fun of HUMAN RACE WACO!
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Dri-Tri Course

If you are looking for a racing experience that is challenging and diverse, but doesn’t require much experience, the Dri-Tri Course is right for you. You can compete in this course as a solo racer or as a team. This challenge includes a 5K run/3K paddle/10K Road Bike. Get all the fun and experience of a triathlon without having to get wet!
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Adventure Race Sprint Course

DON’T WORRY… there is no sprinting involved, unless you like to run fast, in which case - have at it! You can compete in the Adventure Race Course as a solo racer or as a team. This course includes a 3K paddle/5K run/10K mountain bike trail. If you are wanting something a little more off the beaten path, but don’t think you’re quite ready for the extreme, you will LOVE the AR Sprint Course!
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Adventure Race Extreme Course

This course is EXACTLY what it says…. EXTREME!!!! This is for the racer who is looking for a challenge like they have never experienced before. You may compete in this course as a solo racer, but it is traditionally run in 2-3 person teams. This race includes a 5K paddle/10K trail run/15K bike trail. If you want a race experience like no other…the ARX is the course for you!!!
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Confused? We're here to help!

If you have any questions about Human Race Waco course selection, teams and categories, fundraising or registration, feel free to call Care Net Waco at (254) 772-8270.